The new generation of VTOL UAS for naval and land missions 1 Апрель 2015, 14:41

Multi-Sensor Concept – Tanan is a real “eye in the sky” thanks to its versatile turret which allows an easy switch between EO (Electro-Optical) and IR (Infra-Red) high-definitio cameras. It even has the capacity to integrate in addition to the EO/IR sensor a Maritime Radar, a Communication Relay, Electronic Surveillance or a Direction Finder. Tanan is designed to be extremely flexible as the system also includes AIS andIFF to suit all your needs.

TANAN is a tactical UAS with a powerful diesel engine. It is a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft especially suited for maritime surveillance.
Two operators can deploy this unmanned aircraft system, also in unprepared areas and at sea.

Large operational area

TANAN can operate at a range of 180 km with
a 50 kg payload for more than 8 hours at a time.

Use TANAN for:

● Maritime surveillance
● Search and rescue
● Reconnaissance, surveillance and target
● Convoy and VIP protection
● Harbours and offshore platforms surveillance
● Providing image and communications intelligence
● Monitoring critical infrastructure and major events


Wingspan: 5.00m Length: 4.30m Height: 1.20m Max altitude (ASL) : 4000 m Operational height (AGL): max 3000 m Max speed: 150km/h

Choose your sensor

The TANAN unmanned aircraft can be fitted with several types of sensors.
For example:
● A combined high definition electro-optical/infrared day and night imaging sensor
● Maritime radar for maritime operations and missions on the coast
AIS for vessel identification
● Electronic intelligence sensors or communication intelligence sensors.
● All sensors can be fitted in several modular configurations. Choose the already integrated payload from Cassidian. Or make your own choice and let us integrate it.

Or choose two payloads

TANAN can carry two payloads, for example a camera and a small radar.
This gives more options.

Day and night surveillance

The electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) combi turret ensures stability for high definition images. It can both scan for and track targets.

Detect with maritime radar

TANAN can be fitted with a maritime radar for search, detection and tracking purposes. This radar can detect a 1 m2 target beyond 15 NM in sea state 3.

Identify vessels

The AIS sensor in TANAN can detect
names of up to 20 characters long
size of vessel
track and location of vessel
for vessels of class A and B.

Why choose TANAN?

Easy to operate: does not need a prepared area for take off and landing.
● Saves money on maintenance: highest mean time between overhaul in its class.
Convenient for operations on ships: runs on the same diesel fuel.
Safer: runs on diesel fuel so there's no need to store highly flammable fuel on board.
Eye in the sky: Gets images and video, in daylight or at night. Practically in real time, thanks to the high-speed data link between the TANAN and the ground station.