The KZO is a tactical UAS with a powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine 1 Апрель 2015, 15:18

It is an unmanned aircraft especially suited for high speed reconnaissance missions. The gathered information is immediately available and can quickly be distributed in the command structure.

Large operational area

KZO can operate to a distance of up to 140 km with a 35 kg payload for up to 5.5 hours at a time
Use KZO for:
● Land surveillance
● Search and rescue
● Reconnaissance, surveillance and target
● Convoy and VIP protection
● Providing image and communications intelligence
● Monitoring critical infrastructure and major events

Getting the whole picture

KZO provides the real-time situational awareness needed to take charge of the mission before other systems and personnel arrive. It is operational under any weather condition, day and night.

To see without being seen

KZO can observe without being detected itself. It is small, made of composite material and designed for stealth operation. It has very low thermal, optical and acoustic signatures.
Because of its jamming-resistant data transmission system, KZO can provide secure surveillance.

Specs Wingspan:
3.42m Length: 2.25m
Max altitude (ASL): 4.000 m
Max speed: 220 km/h

Robust and flexible setup

KZO has multiple launch options. It can be launched by booster or catapult, and land automatically by parachute and airbag.
KZO can operate under stormy weather conditions. It is equipped with a de-icing system and the capability to be launched with cross-winds of 20 m/s.
Booster-assisted launch is possible in winds of up to 15 m/s and in squalls of 10 m/s, regardless of the wind direction.

Field proven

Since 2009, KZO has served as a tactical UAS for the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan. UAVs delivered by Airbus Defence and Space for the German Armed Forces have proven their value in more than 1,000 missions over the years.
KZO is extremely reliable and has been certified by the German Aviation Authorities.

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Why choose KZO?

Fast reactions: provides real-time images and video, under all weather conditions.
Fast response: provides target coordinates directly to the artillery.
Mobile operations thanks to its flexibility: requires no local or fixed infrastructure. Operations can be carried out directly in theatre.
Undetected: extremely difficult to detect because of its very low thermal, optical and acoustic signature
Robust: cross-wind resistance of 20m/s, and anti-icing system
Flexible: booster or catapult launch and automatic parachute landing
Proven capability: more than 1000 successful missions by the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan since 2009.